Click the Google +1 icon to get more Readers for your Writings!

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If you want Google to send more people to your writing pages, then you should go to your poetry and document author pages or any pages where your actual writings are displayed and click on the Google +1 icon (you can see it above, its a little file folder icon).

By doing this, you basically give a vote to yourself or your writing pages so that Google gives you more credibility in its search engine rankings.

The higher that you go in Google's Search Engine rankings, the more readers will come directly to your pages from the Google Search results.

We would all like to see that happen a lot around here.

Anybody with a Google account (Gmail will do) can use the Plus One icon. We recommend that everybody has a Google account because of these great benefits.

Also, Google has a new Facebook-like social network called Google+ and the results of the use of the +1 icon will interact with that environment also (if and when you use that new social media concept).

Even if you do not participate in the Google+ social network, you can still influence your writings in the Google Search Engine so at bare minimum, use these +1 icons to do that - just click on them once to make your vote (just like the Facebook LIKE button also on the same pages).

It will be real cool to see the Google +1 click counts rise on these pages (each of these pages will display the count of how many people have previously clicked on these buttons on your pages so you can see how many Google votes you are getting).

Also, make sure all of your friends know about these pages and the Google +1 button usage and its impacts. Send all your friends an email, maybe, to have them come here and click +1 for your writings. It is not against any Google policies to do this.

Enjoy and let us know how this works for you. Also make sure you go to our site home page and click the +1 icon at the top left of that page right below the top banner area. Give the site a vote.


The VoicesNet Team

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