The New Salon Experience!

a writing by Linda Bates Terrell

Many people go into a salon thinking the word (cut)has another meaning, such as scalped, or they suddenly have a heart wrinching fear they will have such a small amount of hair left. And they tend to use other words to describe how they want their hair. Now most styilist just go ahead and cut it the best they can to suit the customer, but on occasion there is a stylist vs a customer that communication is lacking. So to most stylitst, knowing that the average person doesn't communicate proper Salon lingo the ask questions of thier customers. This is where the trust issue comes in. How much do we trust another person to take over in certain circumstances. As the Customer tends to avoid a true(cut) in this story it gets pretty expensive not to trust..

5:45pm October 30, location; Maggies Salon.

Stylist; You say you want a hair cut? How much do you want cut off?

Customer; Oh no dear, I don't want it all cut, I want it shaped up before my meeting, so please hurry. I'm an executive and my time is very valuable.

Stylist; Well how do you want it shaped up, into what?
I can cut about an inch all over.

Customer; Oh no! Not cut all over! Oh maybe just shorter on both sides, and longer in the back.

Stylist; Well how much shorter on the sides? I can't make it longer in the back.

"With the onset of fear in the word (Cut)the customer visions her hair in a 1 inch hair do that will take weeks to grow out. So she thinks the word shingle will help.

Customer; Well just shingle the sides and back, but not short.

Stylist; Shingle is for extremely short hair cuts, I can't shingle it unless you want it cut short to your neckline and on the sides.

Customer; Well just shape it up then! I have a meeting at 6:00 pm and my time is priceless, so hurry it up.

Stylist; Well I can (cut) it dry and not take the time to shampoo it, if you like to save you some time.

Customer; I told you I don't want it cut, I just want it shorter, just a little bit on the sides and longer in the back. Like this.

And the lady shows her in the mirror by placing he hand at the level on the side of her head she wants it, and then whirls her hand in the air around the back.

Stylist; Well then you want a short shag hair cut.

Customer; I don't want it short, nor do I want it all cut off. Don't cut it all off to make me look like some (shag) sheep dog, besides I already told you I don't want it cut, just shaped up. Do you wear a hearing aid or are you just stupid?

By this time it was all the Styilst could do to keep her own cool and not strangle the women right there in the chair. She was fuming!

Stylist; I can't shape it into a stinking hair do if I don't cut it. Not a miricle on my schedule. I didn't bring my wand with me to work today.

Customer; Wands? What do you need a wand for, I'm not expecting a magic hair do! Just shaped! Are you a witch, my husband warned me about people like you. Gee, is it so hard to shape up a head of hair.

By this time the Stylist was so angry she couldn't see straigt.

Stylist; NO! But evidently your expecting a miracle. Look lady you have less than 80 hairs on each side of your head...that is a total, I don't carry your shade of blue rinse anyway, and besides that, this shop isn't licensed to cut pets.

By this time the stylist had two choices cut her hair... however she tried to image it would look nice, or Yep you guessed it......................

Stylist; You are the rudest client I have ever had in here. Get out of my chair before I hit rocket launch and you end up through my roof, and three miles from here.

With that the old blue haired lady stormed toward the door.
Stylist; Wait lady you still owe me, you didn't pay for your service.
Custmer; What service you didn't cut my hair.
Exactly as you wanted, right? Isn't that what you said you didn't want it(cut)!

The Customer stops in her tracks and turns to look at the Stylist with a angry frown.
The stylist smiles politely.

Customer; What for? That isn't anything you did!

The stylist smiles and says,

Well, I smiled when you was rude, I held my tongue for 15 minutes when I wanted to tell you that you was a rude and selfish old hag that couldn't make up her mind, instead I kept trying to get you to let me to cut your hair, but no, you kept saying, I don't want it cut. Fact is; I don't charge for my patience, however I just decided I should start, so you owe me $45.50 for trying to translating the word "shaped" into a stinking miracle. You owe me $44.22 for expecting me to read you mind.
And..................... 87.22 for your inability to communicate in a proper sane manner.

Total cost; Hair salon experience, $176.94 to remove a rude caraky old lady from a styling chair. Hair cut cost $22.50 Priceless.

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