Miss World Pageant 2011, Saved by "Beauty with a Purpose"

a writing by Elizabeth Padillo Olesen

The girls are called to compete. Beauty has to be fought for. A crown has to be won. Who has given us the model that beauty among girls must be graded from a scale of one to ten or from the adjectives- good, better and best? Who has called us to judge the beauty of one over the others? Who has found the right to determine who is Miss World among the countries' chosen candidates? Who has allowed us to send girls as winners and other girls as losers?

Miss World 2011 is the 61st round of Miss World Pageant,now held in London. Here ladies find their value as they are paraded as beautiful, tested as intelligent and talented,looked at as athletic or super models, evaluated as beauty with a purpose.For of course, beauty must have its purpose,so the organizers have thought and have challenged the pageant. It is a contest, not simply to display girls, seeking pleasure and displaying vanity of their materialistic needs,but it is beauty to showcase a purpose in life - life that serves, life that does something for others.

This Miss World 2011 shows a form of revolution that is picked up from non-government agencies or charitable organizations. It even shows the Christian value of the Good Samaritan. For it is the only way it can survive from the attacks of those who have strong misgivings against beauty pageants, among those who insist that beauty competitions are degrading the value of women. The Miss World Beauty with a Purpose becomes a motto that saves Miss World 2011 from being a shallow project.

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