Passing on the Baton of the 14th Inspirational Title Challenge to MarVenea Rainwater

a writing by Elizabeth Padillo Olesen

Dear friends,

The Musketeers have looked at the clock. Time has come! And we have to move on. The baton has to be passed on. But responses to the last title challenge, The Rise and Fall of Notes,as well as responses to earlier title challenges,are still open to keep on flowing.

I am very proud to present the new baton holder, our very own MarVenea Rainwater! She has been a very faithful friend and poet, inspiring and supporting us all with her delightful and reflective responses and powerful poetic verses. I understand many are ready to receive her announcement on the 14th title challenge. Keep the ball rolling, MarVenea! Thanks for accepting the baton.

Again, this is not a contest. This is an initiative, started by Keith which our two poets, Richard and Roy, have shared the responsibility to continue. For a period,this activity has been run by what we call the Three Musketeers. Lately, our very own William has been invited to help coordinate. Thank you so much William. We all hope the Three Musketeers are in good health. Thank you all for this great initiative in deepening our creative-writing cyber fellowship.

Lastly, I want to thank all those who responded to the 13th inspirational challenge. All the poems submitted have been very rich and varied in content and structure, reflecting a very creative group of poets from various contexts, taking up the immediate concerns in their hearts and minds. Thank you very much.

I would like to thank Dowell for passing on the 13th baton to me. And now it is MarVenea’s 14th title challenge we very much look forward to.

Enjoy your time. Sharpen your pencils and save your papers.

Elizabeth P. Olesen

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