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Autumn Squirrels from the Writing Collection of Jean Louise Stevens, USA

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Jean Louise Stevens, USA


Autumn Squirrels

Well, it’s my favorite time of the year once more! Autumn! The air is cool and crisp, the apples are stacked in pyramids on the market tables and pumpkins and mums line the market aisles and neighborhood front porches. I love everything about this season; the smell of pumpkin or cinnamon and spice candles, the smell of the bale of hay that usually sits on my front porch, the apples cooking on applesauce making day and the best. . . . . . . .here it comes. . . . . . watching the squirrels steal everything that they can get their greedy little hands on to store up for the winter months. A lot of times that includes my flower bulbs in the ground or the corn on my corn shocks that decorate my porch or front door. I know, they are just doing what comes naturally but sometimes it’s at my expense and that bugs me!! I have to admit, I have a sort of a love / hate relationship with the squirrels. They are truly industrious little creatures and they have the right idea. They are also truly “forward” thinkers, although it really is nothing more for them but “instinct”. They instinctively think about the months to come and prepare for what they need to get through. How many of us prepare in every way for the future ahead of us? Yes, there are those who have money saved in various ways just in case of an emergency or food and water stockpiled in case of a disaster and some have even taken steps to get themselves in good physical shape so that they would “be around” for the future. Well, what about our mental / spiritual state? Have we done our best to prepare our hearts and minds for what is to come? Do you even have peace of mind about where you will go when you die? Some of us may be able to answer that last question with a resounding “yes” but even for those of you who may have answered “yes”, the question still remains, “have you adequately equipped yourselves mentally and spiritually?” If there was a hard winter or a disaster in your life, would you get through it with a positive, Godly, or worry free attitude or would you probably be living with the repercussions of stress, anger or anxiety? Preparing our hearts and minds for whatever comes is probably far more important than preparing physically or monetarily! Good healthy thinking and attitudes can get us through the worst of times. That rascal, the squirrel, might just be the one to watch and relate to. In every way, it’s best to be prepared but what you think and how you react are the things that truly test your mettle. The Bible says. . .”as a man thinks in his heart, so is he”. So, store up some good words and thought processes for the winters in your life. Like the squirrel, you’ll be glad you were prepared!

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Pattra ShuwaswatHello Jean ,congratulations on your winning such a wonderful poem .Its raining here make me looking forward for summer .My best regard Netherlands 1/19/2012 5:20:52 AM
thelmaJean such a beautiful story, Congratulations on your winning the competition1/18/2012 6:21:00 AM
Linda terrellCongratulations Jean, such wise words! United States1/16/2012 12:10:10 AM
JJcongrats on the win!USA1/15/2012 11:41:39 PM

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