VoicesNet is looking for Investors/Partners?

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VoicesNet is looking for Investors/Partners?

The current owners/managers of the VoicesNet Writing Websites (VoicesNet.com, VoicesNet.org and VoicesNet.mobi) are looking for multiple investors who can be a part of a management/ownership group that takes VoicesNet to a new level in the writing community world.

We are looking for 10 investors who can purchase ownership shares in the new VoicesNet Team.

An operating team will be formed with the investors group and the current ownership.

The new operating team will (1) establish an operating model that will last well in to the future (2) maximize free benefits that could be provided to members and (3) monetize business opportunities available to us as an organization.

If you are a serious investor and are interested, then please send us an email inquiry to support@voicesnet.info and let us know who you are and what your investment potential is.

We are selling 10 ownership shares and one investor can buy one or more shares. We will review share prices only to serious pre-qualified investors. All purchase obligations will be handled by a certified legal authority.

As investors come aboard, so will their involvement helping to run the organization.

The hope is that investors are passionate about what the possibilities are for VoicesNet well in to the future with a new world and new technology all around us.

Again, send an email to support@voicesnet.info with details about you and your investment interests and your management interests and also tell us about any skills that you could contribute to the management efforts.


VoicesNet Ownership Team

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