From New York to Los Angeles

a writing by Yannis Politopoulos

It happened to a woman's life when she was not expecting. It happened unexpectedly, as is often the events that determine people's lives. Why are all experiencing the unexpected result of mortal existence.
The woman happened to be the person writing a writer.
All occurred when the woman was at Kennedy Airport in New York going to Los Angeles.
As she waited patiently for the flight while enjoying a coffee, she saw for the first time the writer was accidentally found in the same room looking for something to inspire him, because he had too long to write.
And when his eyes fell upon the woman, the veins of his right hand began to beat than ever before. Why this woman was having a fatal Ancient beauty in all the features of her body. Her beauty was not trivial, not at all unusual. It was smooth and symmetrical from top to toe. The woman was as if it had come from the bowels of an Ancient Greek tragedy.
The author could not bear to look the other away. He pulled out the old notebook and wrote just for this:

between the eyes
to the excess
of her perfect femininity
experiences coming
craving a kiss of

When he finished writing the author got from his seat, approached her ecstatic and offered her his notebook without saying anything.
The woman showed no startled by the unexpected movement of the author. She took the hands of the open notebook and read the little poem that was written for her, only to itself.
She read it twice and then lifted her eyes, looked at the author, smiled and said with a sweet voice:
- How simple! It's beautiful! I want to accompany my trip.
- You want me? Timidly asked the writer.
- Yes, it is sufficient to write only for me! Replied the woman.
On the plane, the author flew in the clouds with her.

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