a writing by Nancy Ellen Crossland

Again it has happened.

A sweet faced 15 year old felt there was no way out. Nowhere to hide - to escape from the bullying. She ended her short life by running in front of a truck. She shall never be hurt by those harsh words or teasing again.

Earlier in the week I read of an 8 year old. Too horrifying to vision - who ended his life as well.
And there are so many others - barely on the brink of discovering their worth in this world - yet enduring such pain and rejection they had made that fatal decision to end their lives before they had even begun to grow up.

I write through tears in my eyes- a gripping feeling in my chest. An ache for those young lives. Angels. Angels.
Keep them in your prayers. Pray for their grieving families and friends who were not aware. Pray for an end to bullying. Discuss it with your children, friends, everyone so they are intune with what the results can be.

Nancy Ellen Crossland

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