Jubilee for the Danish Queen Marking 40 Years of Her Reign

a writing by Elizabeth Padillo Olesen

Today, the 14th of January 2012, Denmark celebrates the 40 years of Queen Margrethe’s regency as the first female monarch, the beloved and respected Queen of Denmark, Her Majesty Margrethe the Second. Receiving the baton of reign from her father, King Frederick 1X, the 18- year old Margrethe gave her oath as Danish Queen to succeed her father in monarchy, and from that time on, she has carried out her duty within 40 years with great aura, commitment and dignity.

Within 40 years the Danish population has been all eyes and all ears to Queen Margrethe’s New Year’s Speech every six o’clock in the afternoon before the big New Year’s dinner is being served in Danish and cross-cultural homes. The voice of the queen often gives an update on the Royal family, her wishes for the nation, for those serving in the frontiers of war, for volunteers and workers in different organizations and institutions, for the people in Greenland, The Faroe Islands and Iceland cementing Danish values of solidarity and cooperation. The speech, which often ends up with the sentence, “God bless Denmark,” rings through every home.

And now, after forty years, the Danish population rejoices. Hundreds of people troop at the Municipality Hall, carrying flowers and waving Danish flags while waiting for the beloved queen to grace the balcony with her smiles and a winking hand to the well-wishers. A rehearsed song to congratulate the queen sounded as voices of angels. And the celebration continues among the local people, the government authorities and guests from different countries.

Within forty years the Danish queen has captured the hearts of the population. Her creativity in painting, music and dance has enriched the cultural environment. Her role as head of the State Church has got her name uttered in the pastoral prayers of priests in church Sunday worship services. Her openness to strangers in her marriage to Prince Henri de Laborde de Monzepat from France, is also shown in the marriage of her sons with beautiful women, originally coming from outside the borders of Denmark. The Crown Prince Frederick got married to Princess Mary from Australia and Prince Joachim had his first marriage with Alexandra from Hongkong and after the divorce, with the second wife, Princess Marie from France. With the cross-cultural marriages of the two sons of the queen, more and more beautiful and young princes and princesses have been born and added into the Royal House. The Royal Family is a favourite institution in Denmark, which still demonstrates the good value in family life.

The Queen has successfully carried out the role of the Royal Family as a rallying symbol for the whole of Denmark, a mark of goodness and harmony, talent and creativity for culture and society, commitment and integrity for the country. The Queen with her Royal Family becomes a focal point of bringing out the best of Denmark for her own people and for the global community.

Blessed be the QUEEN OF DENMARK in her 40 years of service as the Great Queen in our time!

January 14, 2012

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