“The Challenge” Anniversary

a writing by Richard Gildea

'En Garde’ Dear Friends

Shout “One for All” and “All for One” for all who have joined in the fray,
A ‘Merry Band of Musketeers’ bid welcome on this special day

One year has passed with ‘borrowed pens’ and ‘ink that’s often not our own’
We ‘lumps of clay’ with ‘fleeting names’ that flit across and down the page
‘Withering the winds have blown’, yet still we ‘sowed the seeds anew’
‘Thirsty steeds’ with stubborn knees, have ‘driven some of us to drink’
‘In glory and in splendour hours have passed’, replete with ‘flowering greenswards grown’
‘A Dealer’ marked our ‘fateful cards’, with packs that only suited him
“Clunked and clicked” before we tripped, at keyboard ‘bouncing’ words about
‘Beating hearts became as one’ when empathy was shared around
‘Our yearning for another guise’, when ‘words alone could set us free’
With ‘vacant minds’ we ‘think our thoughts’ and ‘no-one ever seems unkind’
‘Our childish side’ comes to the fore when ‘wisdom through the years fades out’
‘Ups and downs’ throughout such time are ‘noted’ within scripted phrase
We’ve doffed our ‘Stetson’ hats to ‘scribes’ who ‘warbled on and danced in line’
‘Ensnared within a man made web’ we ‘extricate ourselves with glee’ (hmphh)
‘When down in mouth’ we sometimes sigh, ‘tis then our friends, ‘come lift us high’

So Gentlemen come raise thy swords whilst doffing hats to all about as is their due

A Lady of ‘VN’ perchance will start the "Challenge” year anew

“Bonne chance”

God Bless,
Keith (Porthos), William (Athos) and Richard (Aramis) /|\

"The Inspirational Challenge Title” (Baton Change)
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