Her Secret Garden

a writing by Jacqueline Marie Applewhite

Rendezvous with Destiny

Just about a wish and a prayer away from all the troubles and cares of the World of Man, a poetess discovers the most beautiful secret garden that she has ever seen. In the wee hours of her early morning devotions, a heavy wooden gate swings open at her touch and she instantly finds herself in another time and another place. This is where her odyssey begins!

She opens the gate to see a country road leading to the river that never sleeps or slumbers but always thinks of new ways to grown. The sparkling river meanders around bends bringing a moist reprieve to the garden as it gives life to everything it touches and eventually empties itself into the ocean many miles away.

Thick, blossoms of radiant Morning Glories scale a nearby wooden arbor of twisted Live Oak. Sweet perfume fills the air as bumble bees and butterflies pollinate a nearby field of wildflowers. The garden awaits only the scribe to unlock the mysteries herein.

Delicate odors from the flowers in the garden permeate the air to become one with the atmosphere and enjoy interaction with those therein. Gingerly tiptoeing through a large field of Buttercups, Bluebonnets, flowering Lilacs, Indian Pinks, fuzzy purple Bachelor Buttons, and every kind of daisy, young poetess is quickly taken aback when she sees a hand-sewn patchwork quilt lying on the grass between the arbor and the wildflowers. With pen and pad in hand, her thoughts begin to race through her mind more powerful than Niagra Falls trying to fill its basin.

Like a musician keeping time with a pulsating rippling brook, she taps out a new rhythm for her new poem. This one just popped into her head and made residence there until it became a viable child, so to speak, with arms that reach out to hold you, feet that splash in the water, and an indominatable spirit that just cannot ever quit.
The name of the poem is called “Mermaid Song,” about a mermaid giving hope and promise to a beach comber who feels weak and lost. As she sings her song of hope, she tosses freshly hand painted blue and golden sand dollars at the wanderer’s feet “where the seagulls fly and dolphin play.” Stanza after stanza, she paints a picture with a thousand words.

After all the busy mind-chatter is gone, her meditations and scenes in her poetry begin to take shape. A theatrical play breaks forth under the arbor as Fair Maiden banters back and forth with a jester dressed in green. While the young scribe is entertained and laughs under her breath at this private comedy, the atmosphere becomes charged with happy creativity. This gives the writer fresh ideas for other poems to incorporate with her characters. There is a white flying dragon and a Troubadour King who tames the beast to be his steed and very interesting companion, all through the pad and pen.

Stories of bravery, stories of wisdom, stories of courage and sacrifice are all incorporated in her journal which she brings with her to the garden each and every day. When you cultivate them like flowers, fairy tales really do come true in this land of make believe. There is much to be learned from each poem because she pulled each one from the depths of her soul to paint a canvass with them showing natures diversity and creativity in the earth.

Farther down the trail she sees a small oval cocoon twisting and turning for its life desperately trying to escape its entrapment in silk. At this very moment a huge pair of silk wings emerges from its prison cell. As the blue Monarch butterfly unfolds itself he presents a glorious spray of colorful patchwork upon each wing. After he finishes his metamorphosis, he inhales a rush of clean air and experiences the mist from the river for the first time. Revived and strengthened from its transformed state into a flying machine, the butterfly desires to see things he’s never seen as a caterpillar on the ground. The magnificent creature takes flight in the garden and begins his ostentatious rendezvous with destiny.

Up, into the sky, across the ocean and over the mountains, he soars upon the current of the wind. He sings every song and tastes the nectar from every flower.

In his short but glorious life, the caterpillar transforms himself into a butterfly, exchanges nectar with the flowers, he soars above the mountains and his grand finale is the greatest contribution of all his life, he has to travel to other worlds and different times, and the only way to get from here to there is through his cocoon which is really a time machine or a flying saucer that whisks him off where we, too, shall some day be ready to go.
The Master of the Garden tells us not to fear and says:
“A truly benevolent person has dreams and aspirations reaching far beyond his own self-seeking limitations. It is through your giving that you will make a positive change in The World of Man. Your desire to share and give, plant and water, sow and gather is a clear indication that your gifts will last forever and will produce an enduring legacy for generations to come.”

Realizing now that that her gifts have grown and survived for a higher purpose than merely satisfying her own brief indulgences, she gladly shares the sweet nectar of life that she gleans from the garden as she sets her feet firmly upon a more enduring path; walking down that dirt road of a true scribe, accurately mirroring the life she lives to an example of what lies beyond the World of Man and into her Secret Garden. Her destiny finds its meaning through gifts and revelations revealed in her sonnets and prose, and through the giving of such, the joy she shall finds is something she shows!

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