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Posted on behalf of our Dear Rita Singh, India

"The title is"


“The 18th Inspirational Challenge Title”

“Please note this is not a VoicesNet sponsored event”

"Dear Friends,
In the wake of those blazing a trail I followed just to see the light, and, as I put my hand out in awe, I noticed a baton sliding into my hand. (One of the morals here is Search and Someone will find you). Dear Pauline did,.. she not only trusted me but slowed down her pace when she saw me fumbling so that I could shift the Standard-Flag and the reins to one hand and be able to keep on the saddle and free one hand for the baton.

“Frankly ..My Dear Pauline, I don’t…..… think I’ve been more scared before.” But, accept my heartfelt thanks for your support. Most, I hope to acquit myself well for your sake.

I also take this opportunity to formally doff my hat to William, Richard and Keith, gems, bravehearts and Musketeers in acknowledgement of their spirit, above all things and then their creativity.

For dear inimitable Tony and many, many others I would like to say God Bless You and may you grow more rich of talent.

I would also love to thank all the other poets on this site.

I had a scouring time searching for titles; Regimental, Movies, Famous quotes,Poets etc…then I finally thought why not do what we did while in school- give the children ‘mix and match quotes, proverbs and metaphors’ and ask them to combine their chits and do their own takes. Talents hit the ceiling and many students followed the path of self-motivations because they invented their own new quotes and code-maps.

I have chosen for you a common quote not attributed to any famous, great personality as such but holds a lot of wisdom and is mixed with proverb/metaphor. If you want to splash in the mix-up colours and leave your unique, unique prints on the walls, do go ahead and have a lot of fun.
The advantage here is, it is a four–in-one title. Use whole, any part or combinations".

"I hope for feedbacks, as I am sleepless with nervousness".

"I sign off here with lots of love and respect to everyone ….and it’s time for frolic and laughter".

"My regards to you all".

"Rita Joyce Singh, India"

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