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To commence Saturday 31st March 2012

Posted on behalf of Rita Singh

Please Note: This is not a Voicenet sponsored Event.

Dear Folks,

I would first wish to record my appreciation of the honour accorded to me for holding the baton for the 18th Title Challenge.
Nothing much can second that feeling.

Having said that, I would like to state that the BUNGEE JUMPING title turned out more Maverick than I had thought and I regret any inconvenience caused to anyone.

Though, I did not fail to notice that the participation was a heady take on. It took me upsides down sky-diving,atop trees, atop transporter bridges, sonnets, ubiquitious thing called love and some very touching, ups and downs of true stories. Once again, I remain indebted for such wonderful poems (It takes a lot of guts to Bungee Jump )and thriving, unchained imaginations.

Do remember that participation alone is the main winning spirit -you all are winners..and any ranking thereafter, is only in the eyes of the beholder.. for strangely, as I raced with the baton a sidelong glance revealed that everyone galloped en masse, infact abreast and each one was 'First among Equals' and the baton travelled the entire course of hands abreast and came to rest with Ima York the outer most periphery..Ima is a keen and capable hand to hold the baton... She will do very well.

My heartfelt thanks to all those behind the scenes who guided me. I reiterate my gratitde to the gallant Musketeers ...Richard,William and Keith..and to gallant Knights and ladies starting from the East going West, North and South and my regards to all on VN.

Love and regards.

Rita Singh

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