What's going on at VoicesNet?

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There is always a lot going on at VoicesNet.com and VoicesNet.org.

Here are some current items:

(1) Establishing a regular email newsletter schedule via gathering a few volunteer editors to create the content regularly, like member interviews, book reviews, member books, site features, bug fixes, facebook and twitter integration issues and more.

(2) Upgraded Collections features that allow you to use the feature for true TAGGING of your work with unlimited TAGS. Stay tuned. In the mean time, learn to use the current Collections feature with your works.

(3) More Facebook and Twitter integrated features that allow you to get your work out there via these social media capabilities. Currently you can use Facebook Like and Twitter's Tweet capabilities for your writings to get the word out and get readers. Try them out today.

(4) More College and School Leads Sign-up integration. We aspire to get people better educated so check out what we offer. We will always try to respect your interests.

(5) More site features to get your writings read around the web on other sites through affiliated relationships that we will be estabishing and offering to you.

(6) A Public Vote feature added to our monthly poetry contest to allow the contest to be more interactive for our members and visitors and to allow voters to perhaps get a poem in to consideration that maybe the judges did not like this month. Stay tuned.

(7) Front Page Focus Features on certain Columnists that we recruit who are willing to blog on some regular basis. This will be really cool.

(8) Improvements to the Display pages that allow members to alter the way their poems are displayed to visitors.

(9) Perhaps a premium upgrade option that will allow us to offer some special privs to some members and that also allows us to raise some money to run the site.

(10) The Writers Club getting some actual funding to do some cool things operationally (sorry for lack of contact, Kris) :)

(11) Better content review capabilities for the site and its members including better notification emails.

(12) The Welcome Wagon page is coming very soon. You have been warned for the last time. Just ironing out some things. We have had a little lull.

Many more, but that is enough for these fingers.

The VoicesNet Team

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