The principle of writing

a writing by Yannis Politopoulos

The script started from her hands. From the gentle hands of the girl with blue eyes. In fact, started from the fingertips of his right hand.
To celebrate the indescribable beauty of words poured in thin veins, bloody words, love words, words, unexpected, silent words about the world, about love, for the cheerfulness of things.
And began to climb towards the shoulders of nude dreams. Dreams that cause perpetual birth of writing. Dreams flesh poem pinned to the presence of life. Dreams naked twinkle in the darkness of daily life.
And then the words have gone. They painted her neck with seasonal flowers in spring colors and came on her lips which gave full tender kiss vastness.
Words on her lips, her eyes words, words everywhere on her face.
Words of desire for the girl's desire. Matching words in her life. Words that are written just for her in the window of love. In the backdrop of dreamy nights of silence.
And the pretty face, the words went to the heart and penetrated deep into the writing of a new scenario of eternal summer. The scenario of a stroke that does not allow any silence to silence.
Words flowing river in the divine feet of future gazing. Words dancing in the ocean waves of long hair. Words rain watering the joy of friendships, her embrace of night love. Words that beautify her beauty.
The words that she writes the paper's life and have something out heady aroma, something of the certainty of physical feminine eyes, a powerful kiss that rises to the dreams of boys.
The tireless words, the tireless writing the agreement and disagreement, the silence, wandering in the body, their eyes encountered her own in a play of light.
The girl is the dream girl of bare, unprotected of words.
The words of those who were born and waiting for the order or the request of.
Of words that fall in love on her face and eyelids to thrive as the ultimate love, like love that weaves the veil of femininity.
Of words spoken from the lips of the girl with blue eyes until the end of the world.

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