a writing by Edwin Keith Jepson

This poem is Dedicated to Kelly and Jakub
Who are getting married ON THE 30TH OF MAY 2012,

Our Granddaughter will soon be married,
And everyone is thrilled,
She has grown up to be a beautiful woman,
And her dreams are now fulfilled,
We remember when Kelly was small,
Now she stands proud and tall,
We cannot believe how the years have all flown,
And Kelly's Wedding, will be the most enchanting occasion,
We have ever known,
Family and friends will all be there,
Expressing their Blessing,
For an adorable pair,
Speeches will be read,
Toasts will be said,
And happy smiles with proudness will show,
There may be some tears,
Amidst all the cheers,
But forever their young hearts will glow,
Congratulations to Kelly and Jakub,
On your Wedding Day in May,
Wishing you good health and happiness,
Forever, and ever, each Day,

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