The dusty mirror

a writing by Yannis Politopoulos

Summer's evening. In a small room of an old house there is a window to the sea. Right around the corner an old bed covered with a white sheet. Opposite, below the large dusty mirror, an old commode. Upon this an unlit candle. Darkness. A woman, young and beautiful, with white dress, is lying in bed. Quiet. Ten seconds after the opening scene, a strip moonlight light the room. Twenty seconds later heard the voice of the narrator.
Narrator: Then, the day showering in the sun on the sand and the sand was golden summer a wet caress your body. Then you had two breasts red lips and love in the sunbeams. I remember you were barefoot, dressed in a smile of immortality. A neat person indivisible. We must remember the blue skies that remained speechless by your presence damp. Then, the day and a random check was a touch of eternity.
[Pause for ten seconds. The beautiful woman opens her eyes. Lift and sits in bed with the person to the public. For a while, silence. Then the narrator continues the monologue.]
Narrator: Remember too that the words you whisper had an old fisherman with a white beard? He said he knew a lot. How many had seen in his life. But nothing like your eyes. Your eyes, said - is like the depths of the sea. Swayed by the same smile. Deep inside them discover a coral and dreams of naked lights on. Your eyes, he said, is the very vastness. The blue horizon.
[The woman hears the words. Lifts her hands. Brings her face with a gentle motion females. Slightly touches eyes. For a while only. Then download her hands. It seems that she would like to speak. To speak to an unknown voice is heard from the sea and caressing her existence. Her lips, however, seem to refuse. She abandons the effort. She hears again the voice of the narrator says.]
Narrator: And the young one with strong backs and torn from the saltiness lips are mindful of him? He sat for hours on the high rock and stared with wide eyes, as if you were a miracle. An unexpected summer miracle. Do you remember what he wrote some afternoon in the sand? Those words do not wave the sunset never extinguished?
"Love has the shape of your shadow"
[Pause for thirty seconds. The woman gets out of bed. She walks up and down inside the room. She is barefoot. Her white legs shining in the moonlight. A smile spread on her lips. Almost stopped in the middle of the room. She hears again the narrator speaks. Voice of the urge now.]
Narrator: In the dialog going. Stand there, next to the glass. Look out. What a beautiful moon. What female moon tonight!
[She goes and stands opposite the window. She looks outside. Scanning the horizon, the vastness of the lonely celestial light. The voice of the narrator continues, louder now.]
Narrator: Look, look at the moon. It’s brightest from sunset. The light gild your hair. You know the nights that the glass breaks sometimes. For more comfortable passing the large silver glimmer of the moon and bathe your face beautiful.
[Short pause. She continues to look outside. Raises her left hand and touches the glass with her hand. It touches the glass, as it touches a person, as you touched the moon. As touching the caresses of lovers. The narrator speaks again.]
Narrator: You know we all look at you. The moon. Silence. The shells are still caught in your hair. And with the relentless love of benevolence. Also, the breath of the sea. The whole world is focused on a look of admiration on you.
[The young woman suddenly leaves the window. Began again to come and go in the room. At times, spreads her hands, as if it were to embrace a child. The voice is heard again.]
Narrator: You know how the world embrace you. The whole creation in a gentle caress your alabaster chest. Woman's love, woman of moon’s dreams, everyone would like to know your name. This hidden secret. This intoxicating secret moonlight.
[Pause twenty seconds. She tries to speak again. This time the lips open. Still without uttering a single syllable. She then abandons any attempt to speak. Do what the voice of the states.]
Narrator: The candle. The candle on the nightstand. You must lit it. I want to see the name I want to come out in the mirror.
[The woman does. She goes to the nightstand, opened the drawer and removes a box of matches. Light up the candle. Outside the moon is covered by clouds now. Now, only the light of the candle lights in the darkness. There is complete silence. The woman standing motionless in front of the old commode. Higher up above it is hanging a mirror. The woman lifts her head to confront her idol in the dusty mirror. She sees then formed in the dust on the mirror a woman's name. And she sees the world with her name: Cloud the looks and smiles. Opens lips and finally pronounces. Pronounce her name in the vastness of the small room. Soon the moonlight again invades the room, more intense now. Now everyone knows. The secret was lost. Outside, the sea is now calm. The voice is not heard anymore. Now it sounds just the breath of the woman.]

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