Life defines...... Success

a writing by Ankur Gupta

LIFE.....Its a big puzzle created by god...he has given joys plesures friends n happiness emotions but on other side lots of bad emotions grief ,sadness etc....Some times Life seems to be in dark side when we each time face a failure or anything which we dont want to be happen in our life. Failure just test ur inner strength ..its test how you can resist in adverse environment...m not saying tht dont be upset with yr failures well tht necesary smtimes to be upset because tht increase your inner capacity to boost yrself it comes from your your soul .But i m trying to say tht learn from yr failure n try tht not to repeat tht in future tht i think is a key to succces.... Those people who commit their mistakes repeatedly they r called as fools. Your failures guides you suggest you a better way n new ideas.....just use them as a tool to understand how to achieve what you want.....m givng example of SIR THOMOS ALVA EDISON when he invented bulb.... In a conference a journalist asked hin that he failed about 1200 times and then he would be able to invent bulb..then in reply he simply said ..."who said i fail each time i learnt something everytimes from each experiment i have done and i be the onle person who can light a bulb in hundreds of diferent way. SO FRIENDS NEVER LET YOUR MOROL DOWN....always try to acieve new heights with full passion h with full ambition furiously. "GOOD LUCK"

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