Going On Holiday.

a writing by Keith Lumbard

Dear Voicesnet friends,

Today 20/06/12 my much better half and myself begin our vacation, destination Turkey, until the 5th July.
We have been busy packing and organising as you do, whilst also welcoming to our home another foster child with the real prospect of another foster child upon our return. I from the bottom of my heart wish to thank every one of my friends I have had the privilege of making in association with VN for their support and continuing encouragement since I joined. Wishing everyone good health, love, peace and prosperity. See you all upon my return, and good luck with the Poem title challenge I leave in the capable hands of those that embrace it. To Richard and William I say “En Garde” and give my thanks.

To everyone else I say, “All for one and One for All”.

My Warmest Wishes, Keith

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