Congratulations, Spain, European Championship in Football 2012

a writing by Elizabeth Padillo Olesen

Congratulations, Spain, for winning the Football European Championship! Four shots against zero for the Italians.
A well-deserved win! Fans are cheering without end. The football players and spectators in red T-shirts mastered the scene with their proud and loud screams of joy.

The European football match is a well watched and cheered event. The 3-week long hysteria of football fans is over. Finalists among nations have been screened. Eyes penned to the TV screen come to a halt. The winner champion has been found. Spain is cheered and honoured.Spain receives the golden award.

But again, let us remember the winner is only possible because the other team has lost.Congratulations, Italy, for playing the game well and therefore a great part of the Spanish win.

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