Who We Are

a writing by Carl Leiland

This is a stark dedication for all those who have consummated years of loneliness and anguish; an attribute to a long withheld faint glimmer of light growing dimmer by the day, that perhaps the yearning of desired love will stumble into our presence. Also to the ones that profusely refuse to allow the promiscuous entanglement of flesh to replace the true affection of another's unflappable companionship. And to the ones that fight, scratch and claw within a materialistic upheaval, to uphld a benevolent notion, that fairytales are erected under the solidified structure of friendship.

We are a large dedication of force, compiled from many walks of life; the freaks and geeks, the modest and mediocre, the socially awkward and nonchalant conversationalists. For we are unavoidable yet unapproachable; still we remain the luxurious consolation to so many, 'cause we have accepted the unwiling shallows of being nothing more than a 2:30 call in the morning. We are the one's that will jovially sacrifice our due honor to alleviate the pressures of another's heartache and free-flowing humility that adjoins.

A dedication to the many listless nights when the bitter chill of an early fall settles in, starving the countryside of its bountiful green foliage, the nights all too many persistently forget; those nights will never be forever unnoticed, for I have seen those nights too. Sitting, listening attentively, while he distorted memories sadly stream down a beautiful face; we are not there because we're alone, we are there to console, because we love them...

To those nights, accompanied with spontaneity and a cherished friend, we pray with silent intensity they remain never-ending. Those nights we gleam onto the stars, pretending their gaseous light twinkling down onto us, that those stars too realize how vast our universe is, and their expansive might fails in comparison to the love one heart can bear. Still we sit with our unwavering inability to share those feelings, fearful stretching the boundaries of that friendship could cause it to snap under such exigencies. Its those nights we arrived alone and left alone, but we will never allow ourselves to forget, 'cause the learning and the cherished growth of love will never allow us to truly be lonely.

For we are the pillars that withstand the magnitude of love's challenging endeavors, that would cause many to buckle under the shear might of responsibility such prestige demands. We are the ones that place other's fragility onto our shoulders providing a stabilizing equilibrium to life's challenges. We are the children derived from old wisdom, promised to never relinquish the relentless nourishment love truly brings to all.

If you know a person of this stature, perhaps next time you see them, simply ask how they are doing. They just might appreciate such a gesture, and take you to an internal solace, previously only imagined.

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