a writing by Anna Isabel Koroniak

Sometimes you don't need grandeur - you don't need the stars of Sahara over your head, a great trip to the edge of the world, or a tropical island with its pearl-white beaches and strings of guitar to put you to some hazy dream.
Sometimes you don’t need bars open till late with their delicious summer cocktails, 5 star hotels with a view over some foreign ocean

You love to dance – but sometimes you don’t need this flamboyance, bravery and adrenaline of dancing your guts out during the night in a latino bar, when people you know are watching and raising their glasses in an act of friendly appreciation.

Sometimes you just need to sit on a bench in an autumn park next to a pond, watch the swans and ducks as the red leaves sway with the seemingly unwelcoming chill of the dark waters which surprisingly soothe you and put your mind to rest.

You hear the sky over your head – and wrap yourself up in your simple jacket a little bit tighter.
No need for fancy clothes – or worrying who sees you and what they tell about you – your posture, your gestures, your attire, your hair.

You would just sit comfortably with yourself and for yourself – somehow lost in the raw beauty of what surrounds you. You would have a book in your hand and breathe in the fresh air. Forget yourself.

Don’t tell me immortality never came. Sometimes she’s so simple. So plain.

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