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The Winner Takes It All

Isaiah 40:31 …Those who hope in the Lord will renew their strength. They will soar on wings like eagles…

Life can be hard, sometimes we have to endure a bad day. Other times, we face unrelenting heart ache which no amount of tears can bring to an end. Most of us face difficult times more often than we would like. Yet as difficult as life can be, hope guides us and gets us through the storms of life. Take away hope and even the small things crush us.

It has been for several years now things just haven’t been correct in certain ways with my life. All of it taking place I can now say whilst a certain tablet I had been on for years was taken off me to try me with more recent findings. Several different tablets were tried, each taking time to show effect and needing to be taken for perhaps at least a year before being able to decide on the results. It has been during those years I simply have not been myself through certain effects of certain tablets taking effect on my mind. Depression being the subject for the consultant to concentrate on and hopefully find what was needed. It was during the time of suffering I seemed to take little interest in much at all and had little mind energy to progress with. My clothing was getting worn out as time passed and the most common colour worn was black.

It was recently I received a copy of a letter from my psychiatrist who was stating;- At last we have found the correct tablet! The tablet being the one that I was put onto back at the start of my problem with depression, perhaps twenty-five years ago now. The time being, just a few years after commencing with the NHS. I can say that my faith is in the earlier tablets produced and today as the winter months of this year step in, being back on my correct tablets and dosage with a sign of success.

The autumn months are stepping in and a change in weather conditions over here in Britain are stepping forward too. It is this day the early evening sun has set and a deep darkness has fallen, that I attempt to relax here within the walls of my home as a strong wind is blowing together with the force of rain falling. How things shall be during the night, well I am still to learn, as the sound of a door, shed or garage of the house next door I guess, continues to blow open and with a disturbing crash; close again. I shall never sleep through that, being the words passing through my mind. The owner of the house not being present and the gate into the back garden, well I believed to be bolted shut.

It had been only the previous day the weather had been a lovely summers day, just the weather to attempt clothes shopping in the local city. Five days a week I would be travelling into one local city Nottingham in the very early hours of the morning in aim to reach the office for eight o clock. After work recently spending the time round the shops attempting to locate the clothes shop I was wanting. The shop where the correct items could be found and I would spend a percent of my earnings. Nottingham I’m afraid just didn’t seem to have the shop or items and so on this occasion with the opportunity of a weekend it was a journey in the opposite direction; Derby!

Derby and Derbyshire too over the years has certainly changed. Such lovely nature-scenery over the Derbyshire dales where the sheep graze and hikers hike in their tweed uniforms. Cottage scenery with stone walls within the areas too blend in with the manners of the local folk. The city centre and its shops suiting me with my sort of interests and overtaking the city of Nottingham. It was in Derby I certainly did find just the style of clothes shop I was wanting;- Brigdens men’s wear within the city centre, Burton Upon Trent and Bakewell. A good place to find the makers of clothing such as Ralph Lauren, Franco Ponti, Gant, Meyer and more.

Blending in very well with the clothing on sale were the female shop assistants so well dressed and ready to assist as I was asked if help was needed! Well, I thought, they certainly know their ways as further words and requests travelled through my mind. We are told not to be lead into temptation, but the art, material and quality of the items I was shown I could not resist. I was in need of new clothing through the experiences I had been through with tablets and as my present items were wearing out if not worn out by age and quality. The Derbyshire atmosphere helping further more. After choosing what I wanted and paying at the counter I left the shop carrying three large carrier bags advertising the name of the shop and containing my purchases. My bank account getting on for a £500.00 drop, all the money earned in Nottingham, spent in Derby;- The winner takes it all, The loser's standing small, Beside the victory, That's a destiny.

I have just noticed too, the wind has dropped and the banging has stopped. Somebody someday shall learn the meaning of the statement; “Love is an open door!”

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