The ugly man

a writing by Yannis Politopoulos

This is the story of a woman. This woman happens to be beautiful both under sunlight and under drops of cloudy sky.
An autumn day this woman decided to walk the city streets. The looks of the men looked her with admiration.
But this woman was tired of admiring.
Eventually she arrived in the small park next to the sea. Walking there the woman saw that one ugly man sat on a wooden bench and wrote. The man was the only one who not looked at the beautiful woman.
The indifference of curiosity pulled the blonde woman. One could say that the woman moved or angered. Irritated by the behavior of the man approached the woman and sat beside him on the bench.
The man continued to ignore the precense of the beautiful woman.
When the woman asked him "what you write?" he without a look replied:
- I write a poem about a beautiful woman who does not stand the tragic fate of her beauty.
- Can I read it? The woman asked.
Then the man looked at her for the first time and said:
- No you can not, at least now. You can view it later in a mirror.
- What do you mean? Asked the woman full of curiosity.
- You will write it on your forehead and you will walk in on you with this.
She allowed him to write the poem on her forehead.
Then the ugly man wrote:

Words and azure dreams
came to the golden beaches of your eyes.
And loneliness defeated forever beauty.

Then the man drove the woman and went back to the world of his own solitary writing.
The beautiful woman left and walked for hours with the poem in front. Now they all looked the poem first and then her beauty.
Very soon she stopped in a shop window and read the poem on the glass. She was very happy. Because she felt that she was now a body of writing.
And she will find again the ugly man who made her feel so nicely.
Because there are some unique moments in people’s lives. Just like this one that happened that morning in the park.

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