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We have released the following new website changes (including new pages) for our great membership community:

(1) The left-side menu template has a new section called RECENT ACTIVITY that groups a number of site webpages, including some new ones listed subsequently.

(2) Author Activity - lists recent site author activity in descending order by last submission date and time BUT a member (author) name will only appear once on this new page, always listing though, each member's most recent writing submission to the site. Post something new to the site and you will appear on this list is the bottom line.

(3) New Members - lists the newest members who have posted writings to the site already - this is like a Welcome Wagon area - this area is meant for regular members to go to often to read and comment on new writers joining the community.

(4) Recent Poems, Recent Documents, and Recent Collections pages were not changed but links to them are now grouped under the new RECENT ACTIVITY section in the left side menus. These three links were already in the menu but not grouped like now.

We hope that you enjoy the site changes. Please let us know what you think. Feel free to give us your feedback by replying to this post.

Thank you,

The VoicesNet Team

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