Inspirational Title Challenge

a writing by Keith Lumbard

I have compiled what I believe to be the names of poets that have contributed to the Inspirational title challenge by way of submitting a poem, under the various titles. I thought it would be of interest and when the baton is passed could be useful. Unfortunately before you ask I do not have a list of those that have made wonderful and inspiring comments and reviews, I'll leave that to someone else, ha ha. A big thank you to everyone in any case that has participated. En-Garde Porthos Keithos

ps. If I have missed anyone please let me know at the bottom.

When the Inspirational Poem Title Challenge started there were aprroximately 20 poets that participated. To date that number is 77. With the kindness of those that comment for sure the community is spreading and new friends are being made. I could ask for no more best wishes to you all. Keith

The List is as follows

Adam Harun
Alan Brown
Bill Mailliw
Chamal Randeniya
Charles Sides
Chetan Sharma
Chibuzor Ikemenogo
Christine Shaw
Dale Costello
Danny Coon
Dawn Horner
Denis Barter
Dowell Oba
Drsudarsan Prasad
Dwayne Rankin
Edwin Jepson
Elden Hayes
Eldy Catindoy
Elizabeth Olesen
Elizabeth Squires
Emma Alberts
Gail Kay
Geraldine anadia
Gladys Padron
Hazel Connelly
Hina Firdose
Hsien Lou
Jacinta Ramayah
Jan Weeratunga
Jean Charles Laws
John Starks
John Trent
Joseph Chege
Joseph Osita
Joshua Mimana
Kalle Haas
Kalyan Datta
Keith Lumbard
Kenneth Clark
Kristine Trudeau
Lee Emmett
Leif Phillips
Linda Bates Terrell
Lynne Colgrave
Maggie Pollock
Marcia Schechinger
Marie Smith
Marija Peterlik
Marvenea Rainwater
matthew Bill
Michael Caasi
Ms T Scwarz
Mukeshkumar Raval
Nancy Crossland
Nishu Mathur
Omar Attiyeh
Osman Gani
Pattra Shuwaswat
Paul Crosbie
Paul Rainwater jr.
pauline miller
Richard Gildea
Richie Smithers
Rita Singh
Roy Keale
Shilpa Kapoor
Sarah Orlan
Srividhya Krishnamurthy
Susan O'Reilly
S. Zaynub Kamoonpuri
Toni Davidson
Tony Grannell
Tracy Mason
Treena Mc Clemons
Westly Shaw
William Dodd
William Willis

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