26th Musketeer Inspirational Challenge

a writing by Denis Barter

Firstly to all Members of VN and especially those who have suggested I am worthy of carrying the Baton during the next Challenge, may I humbly say, I am not only honoured but somewhat overwhelmed by this honour. For the past months the support and positive commentary I have received from Members regarding my poetry has been incredible. All the more gratifying since many of you live in far strung parts of this marvellous world, and have had little exposure to the style of English Poetry, and the bygone era, on which I was weaned!

As most who have read my offerings, will have gathered, I have always been a strong advocate of Rhyme and metred verse - not always successfully carried out with the expertise I would attain - which my esteemed old English Master - Whitaker - would insist was essential if one would be successful! However, that being said, for my challenge I invite members to compile an Acrostic in Rhyme (Yes, it makes the challenge all the more difficult I know, but what manner of challenge would it be in any other form?)

There are no other ground rules, excepting “keep it clean!” Exotic not erotic is my only rule. Any subject is fair game. Even outrageous or nonsensical (just love these!) if it suits your muse. The more unusual or bizarre, the better! Any length - within limits that VN may impose - and should you be inspired and emboldened to write an acrostic on a complete sentence? A formidable task! Then all power to the honourable VN Poet that successfully tackles it!

So get cracking folks. The ball is now in your court. I cannot wait to read your entries! You’ll be keeping good company with such authors as Lewis Carroll and Edgar Alan Poe, to quote just two who employed this poetic form.

For those of you who may wonder “What is an Acrostic?” And for this challenge, one uses the simplest form to compile their poem. The first letters of the lines spell out the subject. However, do not include the “name of the object” in the title. This is a dead give away should you do so! For example: should you choose to use “Onions” for your subject? The following lines would be suitable to meet the challenge:

An Example of an Acrostic:

Obvious to all, for they have a strong smell.
Noxious their fumes! A single taste will tell.
I’m sure you know them? They’re a Chef’s delight.
Often used for a cold cure, they’ll soon put you right!
Never can their taste be ever called bland.
So what is this “fruit” I hold in my hand?

Hope this explains all?

Rhymer. Aka Denis Barter

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