The Advantage Of Planning

a writing by Linda Bates Terrell

I was inline at the supermarket yesterday, and it was impossible not to hear the ladies nearby chatting. I turned away but still heard every world they said. This is what they said;

First lady; I heard Martha was dating again. Poor gal.

Second lady; Well yes. They fixed her up with another guy. She said no more dates. But she went anyway. And said it was just a date.

First lady; Well, that last guy she married took her for every thing she had.

Second lady; Oh, yes, and we shopped for days to replace all her furniture.

First Lady; Really?

Second lady; Yes and he took her last engagement ring from her previous husband right out of her jewelry box. What guts.

First lady; Really? What's an awful thing to happen to her. Poor gal. How is she doing now?

Second lady; Well... I seen her the other day and she was smiling. She said she finally had it all figured out she was going back to her first husband.

First lady; Really? Why him? Why not date a new one. Maybe her luck would change.

Second lady; Well that's what I thought too, but I have to say her reason made much more since than mine.

First lady; Well what was it?

Second lady; Well...she said; "If Tuesday is the new Monday and Gray is the new Black that means the
Bugatti Veyron is the new Mercedes Benz.
So definitely that means my a new husband will be cuter than my last, but cost me more in the long run. So maybe I'll just go back to my first husband and save myself a heartache and save myself more money.

Linda Bates Terrell
November 27, 2012

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