a writing by Edwin Keith Jepson

People of Britain and several other Countries,in one way or another , have nearly all been affected by the biggest produce ,and that produce is 'COAL', This article is mainly
for people who have no first hand knowledge in it's production.As we all know,everything has a beginning,
So that's where I will start,Imagine for one moment that you are employed in the Coal Mining Industry, You could be any one of these several personnel listed below, starting from the top,

Inspector of the Mines.
Manager of the pit.
Under Manager
Deputy official.
Shot firer.
Coal face worker.
Panzer Driver.
Scraper Driver.
Belt Man.
And many others, who play a big part,

All of these jobs play a tremendous part in the production
of COAL. Many Collieries, [Pits] on average, employ 1,OOO and 2,OOO MEN. these men either work underground, or on the surface, I will now try to explain how the procedures operate underground, First we have a Deputy,one of his numerous responsibilities is deploying the men to their place of work, When this is accomplished,we should be ready for shearing coal.Assuming the face is timbered, 'ROOF SUPPORTED', by steel chocks and steel props, then the shearer driver can start his machine, This shearing machine,
aided by 200 yards of chain which stretches from the main gate to the tail gate, can now start shearing off the coal at the Coal Face, As the shearer moves along the iron pans,
underneath and on top of the pans is a mobile panzer chain, this chain conveys the cut coal towards the Main Loader Gate,
This in turn, leads onto a scraper chain,and then onto the main Gate Belt,
Now we have tons and tons of coal being transported towards the Pit Bottom.
This is where the main conveyor belt is situated,
Their job is to convey this precious mineral to a loading Point ,Which is called a 'BUNKER', If I remember right, The bunker is near the pit bottom, there the coal is loaded by the bunker into 6 feet high tubs, and then transported once again by scraper chains these are called retarders,or if you like ,something similar to an escalator, After all this travelling from the coalface ,by the aid of panzer chains ,scraper chains, and conveyor belts,the coal finally reaches it's destination. That of course , meaning the PIT BOTTOM,there ,hundreds of tubs,full of this black precious mineral, is quickly hoisted to the surface in a steel cage .
This procedure remains through out every shift. Day after Day, And year after year,

Note , Millions of pounds was spent buying heavy machinery, for extracting coal,from the coal face, and for safety equipment , etc etc, But still , many miners suffered injuries , and loss of life, Author, Edwin Jepson [Eddie] 2012

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