Connecticut School Shooting - December 2012

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As US President Obama emotionally said today, let the victims and their families know we are here and support them.

We are saddened as a community about the Connecticut School Shooting that occurred in recent days.

As a writer, we write to express our emotions and many of us are feeling a lot of different emotions. It can be really tough. It is really tough. So we write...and we write more. So please write today. Don't hold it in.

Here at VoicesNet, we try to get people to write and we want them to write and express their emotions.

In that regard, we categorize our poems and other documents for many reasons and we have created new poem and blog categories here at VoicesNet in honor of the victims and all of the families impacted by the Connecticut School Shooting.

The tribute poems that are submitted will be displayed here.

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The tribute blogs that are submitted will be displayed here.

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The new Poem category will appear on the Poem Categories page, also, here, for selection for viewing.

Connecticut Elementary School Shooting - Dec 2012

The new blog tribute category will appear on the Document Categories selection page here.

Connecticut Elementary School Shooting of 2012

Let's reach out to each other.

Please write today.

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