The Three Musketeer 26th Challenge - Handing over the Baton.

a writing by Denis Barter

Now Comes the Time to Move on.

The time has come, member Poets of Voice Net,
to hand over the baton. After I move on, you’ll get
another competent Member to challenge you!
Who that might possibly be and what they’ll do,
is a matter of unknown conjecture right now,
but I’m sure my worthy replacement, will wow
you with a much tougher challenge than mine.
Let me say sincerely, results I garnered were a sign
that acrostics had opened a door for more than a few.
Even those familiar with them, were pushed to do
enough to keep up with the pieces neophytes posted!
All your efforts were great and deserve to be toasted
by all, including members who chose not to compete.
For myself let me say, you made my tenure complete!
Of the many Poets that posted: too many names by far
to list here, but you were great and know who you are,
I most sincerely thank everyone of you - I’m very proud
to know you. By your efforts you stood out from the crowd
and made my incumbency a pleasurable occasion. May
whomsoever accepts the baton for January, be proud of the day
they consented to stand up to the plate and take charge!
Once they are known to all, they’ll be seen a Squire at large,
carrying on the tradition that Three Musketeers, God Bless:
Roy, Richard and William were determined to make a success.
After several months and a series of eclectic genres and quotes,
one cannot help but think they were inspired. One often notes
that after some small hesitation, many members enter the fray
with enthusiasm! For me dear fellow Members, you made my day!
So again I’ll thank everyone for the pleasure of your participation
and invite you to enter the next challenge. Your eager anticipation
will soon turn to knowing who? and then you’ll tax your brain
to see what inspired piece you can produce and post, to attain
the plaudits from your fellow poets. VN is as worthy a community
as I’ve had the pleasure of knowing. Thanks for the opportunity
to excite and enthuse so many folks I have met on this site.
So that’s it from me. Thank you again as I say Goodnight!


PS: My heartfelt thanks also go to my friend Eddie Jepson who suggested me
to carry the baton. Supported totally by the intrepid Musketeer Cavaliers,
they once again proved they are all very competent in their role. The Three
are adept at inspiring confidence, and enthused me to overcome my fears
of accepting the Baton. All staunchly supported my rhyming acrostic choice,
and thought this would give seasoned and budding poets a chance to voice
their thoughts, once emboldened to tackle a little known style,
that was found alien to many Members, for in a short while
were proven right,. All four deserve accolades they’ve earned.
To those that follow, from my experience, don’t be concerned
if you Squire the Baton. With the support you’ll get, believe
you me, nothing surpasses the great satisfaction you’ll receive.

Thank you all. Your proud ex-Baton Holder, who is about to retire!
Sincerely Rhymer aka Denis.

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