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To all my dear friends who have posted messages of goodwill. It has taken a time in response as selfishly I needed to switch off with all that was happening in front of me. I am so sorry for neglecting your special messages of concern. In keeping you informed, the arrangment with regards to my parents has been temporarily sorted, however events have left me somewhat tired due to further trivialities surrounding my own health. I have as you may have noticed briefly logged on with haste to satisfy my curiosity. Alas I am not yet ready to return with the capacity to write any poetry but you may see some comments appearing with regards to your very own fine poetry. May I also give a big thank you to my fellow Musketeers in the championing of the Poem Title Challenge, which as you all know belongs to all the poets and poetesses on VN. Viva Le VN. Take special care, thinking of you all. Porthos Keifos xx

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