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Content Review System

VoicesNet has several wonderful volunteers who help keep our site family friendly and safe for everyone. It is a difficult, but rewarding job. We hope that you appreciate their efforts as much as we do.
When you submit a work or comment, it goes into a queue waiting to be reviewed for adherence to our Terms of Service Terms of Use
Our volunteers then review the submissions and accept or decline them. Actually very, very few are declined, which shows that most of our members are serious, respectful and sensitive about what they post and want this site to remain a positive, safe place to write, review and be reviewed by our peers.
We err on the side of conservatism to keep our site positive, safe, family friendly and legal.
If you have something declined and disagree, a secondary review can be made by submitting the work and a brief message to the email address.
Recently, we erroneously declined several items that should have been accepted. We apologize if you were impacted by the errors that we experienced. We are always working on our system to help improve it.

New 'College Elite' Class Search

We have created a search engine for all types of classes using your zip code to find those that suit your interest and are located near you.
The search box is on the far right hand side in the "WRITING COMMUNITIES & LITERARY PROGRAMS" section of our home page VoicesNet Home Page
You just type in your zip code, choose one of the 14 Areas of Study and then choose a concentration for that area.

Of course, we still have our own online Writing Classes here: VoicesNet Online Classes
And we will be adding more very soon.

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