Boston Marathon Tragedy brings Grief

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The bombing of the finish line at the famed Boston Marathon has rocked the civilized world.

The Boston Marathon is an historical sporting event that brings joy to hundreds of thousands of people every year. It is celebrated by runners, their friends and family members. Many runners who complete the 26+ mile race are winners regardless of their times because they might have dealt with really tough events in life during the prior year.

Runners and their supporters travel from all around the US and the world.

For a person or group to choose this venue to terrorize the world is an awful thing and we mourn for the victims and pray that those responsible are brought to justice and they are not able to harm any others. To choose an event that has tenacles that tie back to all people in all areas of the world shows the evil nature of the force behind this massacre.

It is hard for all of us to understand the type of thinking that is behind this tragedy. We also do not humanly understand how such a force can even be possible in life let alone somehow controlled by villainous humans. It is very scary when you look at it this way.

Now, around the clock, the images will be played over and over again and we will all respect for the victims and in amazement of the situation and really in shock just as if we were right there watching the event unfold in person. The terrorists will somehow get to do their intended "thing" to all of our heads over and over again.

Show your respect but please turn off the TV for a while and write here at VoicesNet to deal with your inner most thoughts. Writing will hopefully help you deal with this tragedy and other tragedies that you might be dealing with now in your life. We know it is hard to do but you do not need to see the same clips so many times. Just check on the news every once in a while to give yourself a break.

Let this tragedy inspire you to write something amazing that changes someone's life in a positive way. That is what we like to preach around here.

Lives were lost and people were injured so please write here to inspire people, help yourself deal with the stresses of this tragedy and life in general, and to even save the lives of others.

We know that people have had their lives saved by stopping by here at VoicesNet. Save someone else's life today. Write and inspire them now.


The VoicesNet Team

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