a writing by Satheesan Rangorath

A nightmare woke me up. The air conditioner was on, still cold sweat pouring down my forehead. World is asleep on a bed of quietness. I do not know why I am still awake? I was trying to figure out the meaning of the dream, but of no use. My wife is sleeping after a hard and busy day in the labor room. She may be embracing her dreams of a holiday that she was craving for or smiling at the babies she had helped to deliver. Her light snore merges with the silent hiss of air conditioner. It was a very hectic day for me at the clinic and at the hospital too, bed was beckoning me whenever I had a chance to see it. There is nothing unusual about me; an ordinary person in a usual way, having wishes to have simplest things life and comforts. Humdrum and hurry bury of modern life often pushed me along with the crowd. There is no point in my protest. Join the mass in the mad rush.
While waiting for the sleep to arrive, a thud outside home made me alert. The gravel at the court yard is hissing. Somebody is in the compound. His giant strides are disturbing my peace of mind. Without disturbing my wife’s sleep I carefully tip-toed to the front door. Now the breaking in to the compound is clearly heard. My fear- tied tongue dried into a sound block in my throat. I wanted to shout, but the sound, not even a syllable does not come. Fear took over my movements. Mustering courage I slowly opened my front door slightly carefully not to make any sound. Yes now he is visible; squatted on the floor. One look at him made my head reel. I found he had strange legs and feet, they are carved like crab legs. My delusion made me think that he looks like a crab. Slowly I came in to reality. I woke up my wife and asked her not to make any sign of alarm. Although, scared, she kept her cool. I mustered courage. At last we found out that he is a reality, we have to live with it for the time being. I grabbed a torch and looked out carefully and flashed the torch light. My landscaped garden is visible in the faded moon light. Its blossom often carried me away to different world. The fragrance of night blooming flowers lingers into my courtyard and car- porch. Everyone is in deep sleep except me and now my wife. The night seems very long .There is a splash in the fish tank. My pet’s fishes are splashing up thinking that I am there to feed them. Suddenly there was a swift move behind me, I flashed my flashlight. For a moment I was dumb found, I could not move my limbs. My wife fainted but recovered soon.

Next day it was an ordeal for both of us. There was a thorough checkup on me, tests, blood tests, urines test and biopsy etc. at last we discovered the thief, who tried to break in. seeing the report my doctor confirmed the bad news. But assuring he smiled. Do not worry we both can walk through it successfully. Just help me guide you. I will be with you always in your effort in flushing out the thief. My on co-doctor made all the arrangements encouraging me with a blessing hand. As he said it was an effort to prevent him from entering the home. It is known that he makes havocs as soon as he enters. The idea is to attack the enemy before he attacks.

I was in a cubicle. Sealed from world and infective viruses and germs. I was made into a space suite. My wife was the navigator’s assistants. Tests were done one by one. I was given a booster to grow more seeds of my origin and DNA. Every moment doctor was there by my side placing his comforting hands. He had a team of generous Doctors. Soon I was harvested for stem cells. Then my platelet donors were arranged. I was made into the tunnel of a collider. We were in the process of searching of my divine molecule Hibbs Boson. Iam charged with Chemo medicine, then life saving drugs. I was travelling into a region unknown to my senses. My heartbeats monitored, my blood pressure, my entire composition was under scrutiny. At last the thief is being flushed out of my system. I am free now. But my senses lost in the collider. Taste- buds sleep. My stomach is waiting for the fresh milk of love. I dream about my mother’s womb. It was a long journey from life to a new life. I became a baby now. My baby hair still trying to sprout, now I am a child so tender and eager to grow old. I see a sweet smile on my wife’s lips. Yes we made it together. God is still waiting with a smile. Oh! Doctor, you were a great patient. Yes doctor to a great Doctor.

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