“The Musketeers, Sir Roy’s Riddle Competition” (MRRC)

a writing by Richard Gildea

(Please note this is not a VN sponsored event)

Just For Fun

Hello all,
It is the hope of “The Musketeers” that all future monthly providers of “The Riddle” will attempt to do so in a recognised “Poetic Form” in keeping with Sir Roy’s original intention.

All prospective participants should familiarise themselves with the "Rules of Engagement"

All “Guesses” should be tagged Sir Roy’s Riddle #7
In the interests of “Fair Play” - The solution may take more than a few minutes if “Google” is used in accordance with your conscience:)

Please accept my humble attempt to meet the standards as set by previous "Sir Roy’s Riddles"

Good luck everyone,
Aramis /|\

Please use the link on Recent Poems for submissions:

Sir Roy's Riddle #7 is entitled "Let Us Pray"

Footnote: The answer to the riddle requires both the source and attributed words
Enjoy- Aramis /|\

Just For Fun

(Please note this is not a VN sponsored event)

“The Musketeers, Sir Roy’s Riddle Competition" (MRRC)
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Let Us Pray (Sir Roy's Riddle #7)

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