Result of (MRRC) Riddle #7

a writing by Richard Gildea

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Following intensive deliberations and cross checking of all known “Guesses” submitted within the (MRRC) “Rules of Engagement” a Winner has been chosen:-

1st place goes to our Dear Nishu for sheer dogged determination, subterfuge and mastery of feminine wiles.:) Whilst not quite nailing both parts of the answer, it was noted that the Author’s name was given, together with mention of symbolism within his works.

2nd place goes to our Noble Brother William, who was the first to mention the Author by name but then proceeded to get his breeches in a twist :) He was last seen twirling his “Rusty Claymore” outside “Google’s” Scotland HQ

3rd place and honourable mention must be made to our friend Charles who almost tumbled into the magic words when mentioning the sinking of "Titanic" We thought with his team of 16 A Sides that Charles would have rescued the result, but to no avail.

Thank you to all who joined in by either submitting or just in Spirit
After all it was “Just for Fun”

Regards from “The Musketeers”
Keith (Porthos), William (Athos), Richard (Aramis) and Edwin (D’Artagnan)
Under the auspices of our “Liege Lord” (Sir Roy)

'Winners' of “Sir Roy's Riddles” so far (in chronological order) are

#1 Riddle - Linda Lee (Spain)
#2 Riddle - Gail Kay (Australia)
#3 Riddle - Pauline Miller (UK)
#4 Riddle - William Willis (Scotland)
#5 Riddle - Richard Gildea (UK)
#6 Riddle - Richard Gildea (UK)
#7 Riddle - Nishu Mathur (India)

Answer and Explanation for Riddle #7 can be found on
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(Please note this is not a VN sponsored event)

Sir Roy’s Riddle #7 (Answer and Explanation)
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