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There comes a time in everyones life when they tend to look back and wonder if they did enough. Loved enough, or even cared enough. Was there things that they might have done differently. I too have wondered the same, as many do that are over 50. Looking back is nothing to looking forward.
When we look back we realize that life was what it was but that (hindsight) wisdom may put some doubt in our thinking. When we look forward we are looking at a blank wall. We in-vision of what it could be but yet, we have not a clue what it will be, for the future is not promised, and the past was experienced with what ever we managed to accomplish.

Tomorrow is a lovely day, or is it. Maybe it will be a lousy day. Who really can visualize that for sure. The one amazing thing that every human, crawling animal, creeping mammal, tree, bush, etc on earth will have in common today is that none of us really can say for sure what will take place tomorrow. We may guess, we may assume, we may anticipate, what it will be, but...... until tomorrow we don't really have a clue. And it's like that day after day all our lives.

Have you ever seen two people that fell out of love griping, and repeatedly say. "We once had so much in common. Now we have nothing in common. They still have the present in common, each present moment they look at each other is the present, but most likely one got caught up on thinking to far ahead, or thinking of the past to much, and then they are lost. One's mins is in the past, the other's mind is in the future and neither are in (the present). We tend to feel pity for our selves if we concentrate to much on the past, and we tend to feel less that accomplished if we concentrate to much on what we want out of the future. But..... Ah! Yes! People that are in love are always in the present. Both are thinking of the others feelings, etc every moment. And have every second of (the present) in common. People that are in love fear the future for fear the other person won't be a part of it. And the past is before they met, so the present is always where they prefer to be.

So why to we make plans, because we want to have control, we want to make others believe that tomorrow is within our human grasp and control. We go to bed at night thinking of all the things we need to do tomorrow, next, week even years from now, but it is all just a guess, an assumption, or a thoughtful anticipation of the future in our minds we prescience to be like we want. People just don't stop to think of the (what if's). What if they are sick tomorrow they can't fulfill their plans. What if, they stub their toe and can't wear shoes for a week.

What if, what if, what if, life is one big what if. And when we go to bed at night realizing that, we appreciate the present moments we have as if that exact moment is a lit candle glowing bright, smell is enhancing, and it warms the close space around it. Cause when we stop realizing life is just one big (what if) we stop appreciating the moment we are in. We are to busy planning, planning, planning.

And then.... we no longer have that same thing in common with everyone else. For our minds are not on those around us, they are on the ones our plans are on tomorrow. So when you are making plans for tomorrow, next week, next year. Stop and look around you, it is those people that are near by, are the ones at that moment are the ones you should cherish and enjoy. They may be only a memory tomorrow if they walk out of your life because you are to busy thinking and fearing tomorrow. Cherish every (present) moment!!!!

Tomorrow will roll out to us like an amazing carpet full of bright colors, of new adventures, new people, and new creative thoughts to grasp. And if we miss the present... the future is not as beautiful when we on day look back on the past. Cherish the present!!!! It is the most beautiful of all.

Linda Bates Terrell
Written @ June 6, 2013

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