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I could not believe that it is happening to me. Yes that is the reality. Now a day I feel that I am a nobody in this house. My master seems to have no time for me, been ignoring for the last several days and weeks. Every day I woke up with great expectations. But nothing happens. I look at my master whenever he comes around. With pride I used to raise my head and wag when he fondled my head and neck. All those little pleasures of life have disappeared from my life. I feel now really it is a dog’s life. I never had proper meal since many days. Once I was the star in the group. My master’s servant used to prepare my meals daily adjustant to his quarters. Every day I was served with egg. Beef and biriyani, occasionally I got some biscuits as snack. Then there was a liberal litter of juicy bones for my pleasure of munching. Although, there was a couple living with me, my master had a special mention for me always.
I took good care of his property always. Even a fly dared to enter into the compound. My mistress also was very fond of me. Madam used to take me for a ride. And daily took me for a long walk along with her in the morning. In the garden I used to meet many of my clans who are all well placed and living in their adopted homes.
I have been living in this home for about I don’t know how many years in human terms. I know it was a full life time. My alerts and howls created an impression about me in the locality. People used to look at me with awe.
My master took pride of my manliness. He used to take me to a congregation of dogs; there I had won several chains like substances on my neck. They called it an award. I don’t know what it is. But my master looked pleased. Once this happens, I used to get a special meal fro few days.
All those days have gone. I became old. I feel tired very often. Often I retired early in the night. Old age diminished my alertness. Nothing wakes me up in the night. One day it happened, a thief sneaked into the house and done away with lots of valuable. Next day my master got real wild on me for being lazy and he kicked me out and I was hungry for a lot of days, moreover, he instructed me not to serve any meals. My entire body is covered with scab. I cannot lift even my tail to sway them away. No one bathed me thereafter. Flies swarmed on my body. I became an uninviting site for my master. I starved for many days; spend my days in real hunger looking for a morsel.
One day he called me in and asked me to get into his car. I was very happy and pleased. I thought he started to like me like good old days, as usual I hopped into the car on the seat I used to occupy. He took a long drive. I thought he is taking me to a veterinary doctor. At last he stopped near a channel; the water was flowing in full force. I was asked to get down. We both got down. My master was smoking a cigarette. I squatted nearby breathing heavily flapping my tongue out. May be I must have snapped a while.

Oh my God he is gone. My master and the car is not seen anywhere. The rain was pouring down heavily looked around in disbelief. There is no place to go now. I understand now he discarded me. He needed me no more. I am an orphan now, virtually a stray dog, nowhere to stretch my hands. Ah yes I remember once I had been to a place where many old humans had assembled together. My master had taken an old man with him. I could not see him with us on our return journey.

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