Celebrate the 4 Seasons on this Summer Solstice

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Which season of the year is considered the best season? It's interesting to picture this large planet tilted at an angle on its axis, causing spring, summer, fall and winter.

Most would say that summer is the best season of the year due to the different things that are offered. Summer season is a time when you kick back and enjoy the wonderful weather. From festivals, concerts, family cookouts, and swimming, some say it is the best season of the year. Maybe it's due to the fact that it starts with the longest days in the year, which are June 21 - 23. For some, eating sweet watermelons causes people to anticipate its arrival. Imagine how one would feel when they find out that watermelons are considered both a fruit and a vegetable. While the sweet fruit-like inner material is enjoyed by many, the vegetable like outer shell is edible as well. Summer solstice is on June 21st.

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Those who oppose the heat would say winter is best, getting excited over the idea of roasting marshmallows over a hot fire. Winter is the season to enjoy hot cocoa while sitting by the fire or going sledding down a snowy hill. The first day of winter is December 22, known as the shortest day of the year. Many say that winter is the best time of the year to travel known locations where it's scorching hot during the summer season. Places like Cancun and India, for example, are typically quite warm. But in the winter season, the temperature cools just enough for one to enjoy it without burning their skin.

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Spring is another favorable season that many anticipate. Many classify spring as the most beautiful season due to the healthy plant growth which causes great scenery. Some question why plant life is so wonderful during the spring season and not so beautiful during the other three. First, you have to understand what truly makes a plant blossom. There are four elements: water, light, warmth and soil. During the summer, the excessive heat and dried up soil kills plant life. During winter, extreme cold weather makes it tough for plants to grow. During spring season is when there is very diverse weather making it great for plant life.

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September 22 marks the first day of the fall season. Considered the month of change, it is famous for having very warm days and extremely cold nights. If you are spontaneous and like unpredictable weather, fall season is just for you. Fall has its own style of beauty from the leaves changing color on the trees and watching them drift slowly to the ground. With the days becoming shorter in fall, it prepares us for the extreme cold weather with our next season.

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Editor's note: this is written in the perspective of a typical US weather location

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