Sir ROY'S Riddle #9: Explination and Winner!

a writing by John Starks

As so much can be said about Christ in relation to his titles, the answers given were relevant and appropriate. I was thinking of an answer coming out of Isaiah 9:6 in terms more pertinent to my specific focus. Revelation 22:16 captures it more obliquely, i.e., in symbolic representation. The scriptural refrences given allow you to see it from my intended perspective.

Since William Willis was first to answer it correctly, albeit in an alternative manner, he is the WINNER! I appreciate the participation of such deep thinkers. My availability to be in more frequent contact with this process was hampered by my making some complex adjustments in another geographical area. Please forgive me for this. I enjoyed it, and I trust that you did also.

Warm wishes to you all. John

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