New Voice Log allows you to Track your Conversations

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The New VoicesNet Voice Log is a great feature that allows you to keep up on any response conversations that you have taken part in.

Our system allows our members to post responses to authors' writings and the responses are then reviewed and posted on the poem or document pages that they pertain to.

Authors have always been notified when they receive new responses but when a member posted a response in the past to another member's writing then they would never know if there was any reply from the author or anybody else who was participating in that thread of conversation.

NOW THAT HAS CHANGED AND YOU ARE GOING TO LOVE IT (once we flush out any bugs :) )

Now there is a special new webpage that every member can use that will show them when someone has replied to a conversation thread after they has left a response. In other words, you can now follow someone's response thread that you had participated in previously.

The link to get to this webpage is HERE. It is noted on the left menu on the home page initially so you can always find it there. You must be logged in first to the site for the page to work for you.

It will list any conversations that have been updated that you have not viewed.

You can click on the links provided to be take right to the documents or poems that you are behind on reading the recently updated conversations.

Once you go to the page by clicking the link, our database will be updated and then if you refresh the new page then your alarm will be removed. You will need to refresh the page if you use the browser back button. You can refresh any browser page by pressing F5 usually but it might be different in your browser. We will be adding a REFRESH button for you on the page also that is just a click.

We will roll out the "Your Voice Log" link to the left menu across the site in the coming days but always find it now on the homepage on the left menu already.

There are probably going to be some growing pains with this but this is BIG!!!!!!


The VoicesNet Team

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