Using Facebook to Get more Reads of your Poems and other Writings

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If you have a Facebook account, let me tell you a few ways that you can use your Facebook account in conjunction with your VoicesNet account to get more reads of your poems and writings.

Log in to your facebook account first and then leave it logged in in one tab and log in to your account in another tab in your Internet Browser.

Go to any of your poem or document pages on the site and there will be facebook LIKE and SEND buttons. If you click the Like button either above or below your writing, then you will get a facebook like added from your facebook account for the writing page that you are on AND THE LINK WILL BE MADE AVAILABLE TO YOUR FACEBOOK ACCOUNT WHERE ALL OF YOUR FACEBOOK FRIENDS CAN CLICK ON IT AND GO AND READ IT. If you use the facebook SEND button then you can send the writing to any one of your Facebook friends where they can follow the link to your VoicesNet page to read the writing.

Once someone comes to your pages from facebook then they will read your other writings, too, and even those of other VoicesNet authors.

This is a way for you to help the community, too.

Thanks and good luck,

The VoicesNet Team

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