YOU COULD SEE MY SOUL:They say “True love never dies!”

a writing by RENELLE R. TONGE

You could see my soul, my heart was made hold the day I met you. My heart craved yours; completely and utterly, I was infatuated by your flesh, yet we rest.

I was in love with him and it scares me beyond dept. I was fixated by his love, captivated by his presence. I trembled at his touch, worship at his feet, yet I wanted more. I had all his love once and lost its all in a split second. I was ripped from his core. The day he decided I wasn’t worth loving. Yet I fell and I fell hard, so fast I couldn’t catch my feet, my emotion repeat.

What I wouldn’t give to hear his heartbeat one last time, to feel his lip upon mine, his finger tip against my skin. I didn’t win, but he was mine for a moment in time and I complete. Breathing wasn’t an option when he was around, nevertheless I must confess he took my breath when he left.
I could see his soul, I felt his warm embraces, gazed into his loving eyes, and I could felt the traces of his fingertips still lingering on my face. I am and will always be at the mercy of his love.

I am traumatized and I fear to close my eyes. I see the traced outline of a shadowy figure that use to be your face, now you’re a ghostly imprint imprinted in my veins, as we lie light years apart, I can’t feel you in my heart. I fear. I feel you’ve grown cold. I can’t see your soul. I call out for you, somewhere in a dream. You flee and you run from me. You’re better off, it seem.

Wait I scream you can’t hide. They say “True love never dies!” Yeah that it, your mine, until I open my eyes and realize I never had you. But I need you, I want you, I want to be enamored in your love. I want you to destroy my soul; I want you to make me completely whole. SO I can see your soul once again.

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