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Today is Veterans Day in the USA. November 11th is a day to recognize all of our Military Veterans for their service to our country.

Many have fought and died before them to preserve our ability to do things like post this message (or any message) without political repercussions.

Many have fought and been injured badly and these are your neighbors and your family and the people that you pass at the grocery store.

If you see a veteran or active duty serviceman, tell them thank you.

One time long ago, the US servicemen were treated badly by some people who did not agree with the politics of the leaders (politicians) who directed the war that they had been involved in. Some of those soldiers were drafted and had no choice in the matter but were also treated badly, being spit on and hollered at as they arrived back in their communities.

Can you imagine that? What a terrible tragedy.

Help make up for that time and more importantly, give these men and women the respect and support that they deserve.

Military service people are directed by the politicians that we send to Washington. Keep that in mind.

If you haven't been exposed to Veterans and their stories, check out the following website and read a few stories and show your support. More importantly, try to understand a little bit about what these folks have experienced.

Combat Wounded Warriors Blog

If you write Veterans related poems, then please use our Veterans Categories.


Veterans Day

Disabled Veterans

Thanks to all the Veterans and active duty military people. We love you all and support you all.

Thanks for reading,

The VoicesNet Team

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