Charles A Sides Memorial. An Apology.

a writing by Denis Barter

To all VN Members who have posted contributions on Charles A. Sides Memorial Challenge, I offer my sincere apologies for not passing comment on poems you’ve written, honouring the late, great, and most worthy Poet, Charles A. Sides.
I have noted there are numerous offerings, but our Canadian winter has been a hard task master of late - since before Christmas in fact - with numerous snowfalls (15) and ice storms (2) - which have severely curtailed my visits to the site, as it is regarded as most essential I remove winter’s offerings. Without I do so, it would not be possible for my wife and I, to come and go. However, the task is both time consuming and labourious - to say the least! With a January thaw promised later this week, perhaps I can allow myself the luxury of browsing through all the poems that have been posted, and add my personal comments. Here’s hoping winter will soon ease its onslaught and I can return to read and pass comment.

Sincerely, Rhymer. January 9th. 2014

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