The return of love

a writing by Yannis Politopoulos

It had dawned, when the thought of returning born in his soul.
It was a return almost imperceptible, which will catch the eye of the girl and would look paired with the boy.
With this thought be transformed into dreamy image in his eyes, the boy opened the door of his house and started walking toward the one he had seen in his dreams or thought he had seen or that for years defined the vastness his love.
Moments earlier the girl with black hair had already begun seeking the creation of a human story without end.
Love itself as a vibrant feeling mutual inquiry, preparing the principle of a shared history beyond reason, beyond any resemblance to other human history.
Because happen these two kids to ignore that in reality were implementing the story which one anonymous writer had already written in his lonely notebook.
And when their looks met for the first time that day, a sweet breath reconnecting looks like overtaking the two children.
Not once wondered how did not happen to know each other.
As the power of love whitch is born admits o no reasonable explanation.
As the day crossed the ordinery love of the looks of their love, a kiss descended from sunlight and like dedication has sealed their first public kiss.
Then many people in different parts of the world viewed while two stars are joined by emitting both love light was visible as a second sun.
It was the sun of love.
It was the same that the old love of children, which is beyond any ordinary natural law was no longer able to unite children in a common life, in which past , present and future matching .
With their lips sealed even the girl raised her hand and wept by the sun love by sending a supreme glimmer of warmth in the imagination of everyone.
The smile that sealed the lips of the boy was the clarity of the light, which will forever protect their love.
And when the sun reached the daily setting of the heavenly ride the two children greeted the beginning of the night with a song about the return of humanity in their lives.

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