Dearest Friends

a writing by Keith Lumbard

As you are all aware I have alas been absent affording rare visits to read the wonderful poetry you all contribute to this site.
I worry that some may feel abandoned due to my lack of interaction by way of acknowledgements when I have posted on the odd occasion.
I will offer excuses few except to say I have been under the tightest scrutiny regards time spent indulging oneself in activities that make one tired.
I admit when writing I have a tendency to over indulge as one of my faults and unfortunately one of the factors forcing me to take stock.
It is my intension with moderation to appear on a more regular basis with knowledge of my limitations affording myself set times that I may continue writing and responding and indeed remaining a loyal friend as you have all been to me.

I wish to thank, Richard, William, Roy, Edwin, Marcia, Tracy in particular for their support and encouragement and though not named all those that have kept me alive on this site due their kindness.

I Keifos Porthos remains still one of four the musketeers at your service.

Bidding you all good health and warmest wishes. \|/

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