A Tribute to Thelma Elizabeth Zaracostas

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A Tribute to Thelma Elizabeth Zaracostas

We are all very sad at the passing of an Angel!

Thelma Elizabeth Zaracostas, from Australia, has left us.

Thelma, known also as Betty to her friends, has been a huge contributor at VoicesNet for over a decade. Can you believe that....over a decade?

She has been a moderator and poet in residence and a regular writer and responder.

Many of us have become deep friends with Thelma over the years - very deep.

She has encouraged and inspired so much from so many.

She has inspired us many times in life by her way, her guidance, her charm and most importantly, her deep spirit.
She kept an eye on this site like it was her family that she was keeping an eye on.
Sometimes I would not talk to her directly for months but I always knew the connection that her and I had in our interest in keeping this haven safe for all of us.
I don't know what we are going to do without Thelma around here. I, like everyone, just kept waiting for her happy return.

She has finally returned.

We love you Thelma with all of our hearts.

Forever rest in peace in the next phase of Life.

Thelma's oldest writing was on 12-29-2003, 4 days after Christmas. I thought I would post this verse here in memory to Thelma because I think that it says a lot about Thelma and her soul.

These words from the poem are very prophetic and say so much:

"live, love, be happy,
and don't be too sad for too long
you may forget to live, love and be happy"

Please read the full verse below.

Thanks, JJ

At my computer by Thelma Elizabeth Zaracostas

i have been sitting here, at my computer
trying to write a poem,
should i write about life
about love, something happy, something sad.
what is life without love
feeling happy and sometimes sad
is all part of the game
being here is it not, so i don't think i will rack my brains
trying to think too much
to anyone
who reads this put together poem
live, love, be happy,
and don't be too sad for too long
you may forget to live, love and be happy
as i sit here at my computer
trying to write a poem
i live, i love, feeling happy, feeling sad
because the darn words will not come

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