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Well guess what? I am really excited. I am coming out from behind my Wizard of Oz-like curtain to make some noise.

Our website at is currently being re-designed and re-developed.

It will have some great and fun new features and most of the old reliable ones that we wouldn't dare remove.

There will be nothing like it on the Internet.

One of the goals of the site re-design is to create a site that will inspire you to write when you are having trouble writing. Expect some media, folks.

There is a three person development team now working on the special double secret project. (shhhhh) literally around the world clock. We have assembled a 4 person test team that is expected to venture in over the next ten days or so to review core site processing but they are sworn to secrecy (and are being monitored by the NSA daily upon our request). The test team is suiting up now.

We also plan to collapse the and websites in to the website only as part of this project. This will help to get a lot more people coming here to read your writings. The ORG domain is hoped to be the basis for a 501c charitable organization for VoicesNet in the future (that is the vision - you have to have a vision, right?).

We will re-direct all old domain pages/links to pages at the domain as part of this project. You will not have to do anything and all of your data will be brought over to the new system.

We will give you some notice before this happens but we are looking at switching over to the new website some time during this summer.

You will have to change your passwords as part of the switch-over.

Don't tell a soul about this. This is by us and for us and I can not wait.

Expect some delays and little problems here and there but we are going to finally do this thing coming up soon.

I hope that you are hanging on. Oh Yea!!!!!


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